• Physical and chemical properties
    • Commodity name: MJ-D230
    • CAS NO.: 9046-10-0
    • Characteristic:
    • Product name from market of other manufactures: Jeffamine D-230
    • Structure:

    Product name from market of other manufactures:Jeffamine D-230

    Product name from market of other manufactures:Jeffamine D-230


    Physical and chemical properties:

    Appearance (25℃): Colorless to Slight yellow liquid

    Total amine value (mgKOH/g):453.0-487.0

    Primary amine(%): ≥98.0

    Color, Pt-Co: ≤25

    Water, %: ≤0.25



    1. As epoxy curing agent, reacts with hydroxyl acid to form thermoplastic agent;
    2. Quickly reacts with isocyanate, after salt forming it can be used as surfactant
    3. used in jewelry glue, crystal glue, arc glue, dropping glue, epoxy glue


    Product packaging:



    Shelf life:

    The shelf life is one year under the recommended storage and usual temperature conditions.


    Storage and transportation requirements:

    Store and transport the product in accordance with non-hazardous and class 8 hazardous chemicals. It is recommended to store the product in the original securely sealed container and in dry, cool and well-ventilated place. If the container is opened, please seal it with N2 and use up the product as soon as possible.

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