• Physical and chemical properties
    • Commodity name: MJ-CO/5
    • CAS NO.: 5353-27-5
    • Characteristic:
    • Product name from market of other manufactures: Dehypon 2574
    • Structure: Oleyl Alcohol ether

    Product name from market of other manufactures: Dehypon 2574 Structure: Alcohol, C10-12, ethoxylated propoxylated (6EO+8PO)

    Physical and chemical properties:
    Appearance (25℃): Colorless to light yellow transparent liquid
    Cloud point (1% Aq. sol., ℃): 21-25
    Content(%): ≥99.5%

    Product performance:
    MJ-2574 is an environmental-friendly low-foaming nonionic surfactant without APEO, phosphorus or ammonia nitrogen:
    1. Excellent degreasing performance with low foam
    2. Excellent wetting ability;
    3. Good resistance to hard water performance;
    4. Good compatibility with other surfactants (non-ionic, anionic, cation);
    5. Can be used in acid detergents, neutral cleaners and alkaline degreaser;

    1. Dish-washing detergent
    2. Food and beverage industry
    3. Kitchen Hygiene and Food service
    4. Institutional Cleaning and Sanitation
    5. Industrial cleaning
    6. Metal pre-treatment industry cleaning


    Product packaging:

    Shelf life:
    The shelf life is 2 years under room temperature with sealed package.

    Storage and transportation requirements:
    This product is not classified as hazardous. It should be stored in a cool, ventilated and dry place sealed indoors. The container should be sealed after each use.

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