• Physical and chemical properties
    • Commodity name: MJ-L101
    • Commodity ID: 14

    Polyether modified silicon defoamer


    Physical and chemical properties:

    Appearance (25℃): Milky white dispersed liquid

    PH(10% water solution, 20℃): 6.0-8.0

    Dentisy (20℃): 0.95-1.05 g/ml


    Product performance:

    This product is an antifoaming agent for alkaline cleaning, especially for eliminating the foam of emulsion. Add the product slowly where the foam needs to be removed. If necessary, add the product continuously where the foam is severe.


    Product packaging:



    Shelf life:

    The shelf life is 2 years under room temperature with sealed package.


    Storage and transportation requirements:

    This product is not classified as hazardous. It should be stored in a cool, ventilated and dry place sealed indoors. The container should be sealed after each use.



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