• Physical and chemical properties
    • Commodity name: MJ-D801
    • Commodity ID: 5

    High-performance phosphorus-free solubilizer

    Solubilizer MJ-D801

    Structure: Modified organic amine solubilizer


    Physical and chemical properties:

    Appearance(25℃): light yellow transparent liquid

    pH (1%, Aq. sol, 20℃): 3.8-5.5


    Product performance and application advantage:

    MJ-D801 is an environmentally friendly modified organic amine solubilizer that can be used in neutral cleaners and alkaline degreasers

    1. Non-foaming property

    2. Can be used in 25% potassium hydroxide and 15% sodium hydroxide

    3. Highly efficient, solubility is 2 to 3 times more efficiently than traditional solubilizers

    4. Easily biodegradable and environmentally friendly

    5. Low odor, friendly to people


    Product packaging:



    Shelf life:

    The shelf life is 2 years under room temperature with sealed package.


    Storage and transportation requirements:

    This product is not classified as hazardous. It should be stored in a cool, ventilated and dry place sealed indoors. The container should be sealed after each use.



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